Revolutionary Technology

We've spent a decade building best-in-class technology to power our experiences

Our proprietary deep learning based system identifies ~1,000
products per hour of content, from our 250M+ product database

Content Ingestion

Live video streams and content libraries feed into our metadata cloud with low latency ahead of processing

Metadata Generation

Proprietary AI paired with expert QC identifies the people and products appearing within the content

Interactive Interface

Users access the metadata through an intutive interface seamlessly integrated in CTV and streaming environments

Turn-Key API

Integrate TheTake into your platform with a few simple API calls

Fast & Highly Scalable

Currently serving 25K+ requests per second with <300ms latency

Privacy First

Your image never leaves

the device


Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) identifies & connects the exact image on-screen with metadata in our database

Patent Number: US11321389B2

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Personalized and contextual ads inserted in content in real-time

Frequency Capping

Guaranteed exposure fostering positive brand experiences


Tailor-made ad experiences driving maximum engagement

Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide

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Copyright © 2023 TheTake

Copyright © 2023 TheTake