Connected TVs

Transform the viewing experience with engaging, interactive features that provide value for viewers and new revenue streams for OEMs

TheTake's patented technology integrates directly at the OS level and works across all inputs, including traditional linear TV, native OTT apps, and streaming sticks

Linear Programming

Identifies programming delivered via HDMI and enables time-synced, interactive experience

Native Apps

Detects the specific OTT app, program, and scene on screen and powers contextual, interactive experience

Creating Value for Viewers…

TheTake puts viewers first, providing highly sought after information on TV shows, movies, and events with the push of a button

With Features They Love!

Watch as an NBA fan discovers TheTake for the first time in the viral video below

New Revenue Streams for OEMs

Premium in-content advertising, paid search inventory, and e-commerce transactions unlock new revenue for partner OEMs

Simple Integration

TheTake's lightweight solution integrates across OEM operating systems without impacting overall performance

Lightweight ACR

Turn-Key API

Trusted by Industry Leaders Worldwide

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Copyright © 2023 TheTake