The Next Evolution of Product Discovery

Meet viewers when the moment of inspiration strikes

Get Results

Increase awareness, time spent, and sales... all in one place


Highly contextual Impact Notifications drive awareness and engagement over live action.


TheTake's shoppable side panel increases time spent with your products. Partner brands can be prioritized to drive sales.


Give potential customers the opportunity to purchase through an in-app browser or universal cart.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Personalized and contextual ads inserted in content in real-time

Frequency Capping

Guaranteed exposure fostering positive brand experiences


Tailor-made ad experiences driving maximum engagement

Solutions Across Industries

TheTake has executed campaigns for high-profile clients across a wide range of industries, contact us to discuss how we can help promote your brand!

Manage Performance

TheTake's dashboard helps brands evaluate and optimize performance by copy, product, program, and character.

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Copyright © 2023 TheTake

Copyright © 2023 TheTake