Our Mission

We give viewers immediate access to products that inspire them in content they love.

Our Values

Focus on the Mission

A small team, focused singularly on a problem, can achieve incredible results. At TheTake, we are focused on one thing: reducing the friction between inspiration, identification, and purchase. By focusing on this singular goal, we are transforming the way millions of consumers engage with content and discover products.

Be Efficient in Everything You Do

We believe efficiency is key. Efficiency for viewers in identifying the products they discover in the content they love. Efficiency for advertisers striving to reach their target audiences. And efficiency in every action we take to bring our mission to life, from how we work and schedule meetings to how we focus on physical and mental health.

Prioritize the Viewer & Obsess Over Stakeholders

Start by improving the viewer experience above all else. Next, obsess over other stakeholders such as our clients, colleagues, and shareholders. You are responsible for balancing these interests in the decisions you make every day. It is not enough to view your work in a vacuum.

Play on a World Cup Team

Success is defined by the magnitude of our impact on a wide audience and requires a globally-minded team. Both leadership and membership on this team require cross-disciplinary collaboration and cross-cultural sensitivity when approaching anything — the buck does not stop at engineering or business acumen. Take pride in your ability to rally around stakeholder-centered objectives with your team and intervene when ends are at odds with diversity and inclusion.

Own and Act

Treat everything we build together as something you have a personal stake in — because you do. Own both successes and failures while in pursuit of building best-in-class products with your team. Be doggedly persistent in seeking out the right context and answers. With the right frame of reference, you can solve any problem. Take the initiative to propose and build solutions in pursuit of our mission.

Engage Critically and Transparently

Communication is a key feature of being an effective team member. Foster strong alignment around our mission and give feedback to shape our community in a sustainable and positive manner. Engage critically and speak openly with peers about topics that require deeper investigation, as attaining the right solution requires lively discourse.

Experiment Continuously

Innovation comes from a mindset of continuous experimentation. Be diligent in challenging the status-quo in search of a superior solution. Experimentation extends beyond the technical sphere; approach everything you do with an inquisitive mindset. Follow the axioms of the Scientific Method by collecting metrics and using data to prove or refute hypotheses. Spin the flywheel of innovation.